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How to access your online email account

This is how you access your Well Beyond Care mailbox. Your default password is givelovealways. If you want to access via Outlook, please access this link.

You access your Well Beyond Care email account on line by going through our webmail function here:

Enter the first part of your email and password (which initially is givelovealways). If you forget your password, just contact me and I will reset it to givelovealways.

You are going to want to add a signature to your online emails like below:

1) Click the options tab after logging in.
2) The go to ‘General Options’

3) Copy the code below after you have updated the items in yellow to reflect your name, telephone number and email address
4) Make sure you change the Signature control to “Treat as HTML Code”

<b><span style=”color: #c00000; font-size: 18pt;”>Your Name, Title</span></b><br /><strong> Nurse Care Pair Manager</strong><br /> <span><a href=””></a><br/> (nnn) nnn-nnnn<br /> </span><img style=”width: 135px; height: 80px;” src=”” alt=”” /></p>

5) Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click ‘Update’ to save.

6) The resultant signature should be shown as like below when you then hit the ‘Compose’ tab.

Your Name, Title
Nurse Care Pair Manager
(nnn) nnn-nnnn