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Resourcing HH


Home Health Benefits of partnering with Well Beyond Care


Better communication leads to better utilization of skilled nursing and rehab teams

Avoid premature DC’s with improved communication

Reduce LUPA’s- It’s appropriate to add C/G education/training/assessment visits

M&E – Management and Eval of a Care Plan –Additional appropriate certs to ensure that multiple issues or caregivers in home are managed and evaluated. This is for their patients that have co-morbidities and/or at an increased risk for hospitalization. Acceptable to turn to  M&E  to avoid immediate re-hospitalization and emergent visits. Sometimes M&E turns into a complete cert – From LUPA status to complete cert.  M&E’s also help to avoid re-marketing

Outcome related penalties. Penalties from poor Outcome Scores

Becoming the Provider of Choice for return admission and to avoid the cost of repeat marketing – Don’t lose their patient’s to other providers


Improve patient Satisfaction scores

Reduce Hospital and Emergent Visits by improving communication and early notification r/t SCIC

Teach and transition care in the home to family chosen caregivers – someone reliable to train regarding safety, S/Sx to report, S/Sx of infection, etc. also to avoid hospital stays and ER Visits

Improve communication to avoid premature DC

Patient Loyalty and Satisfaction

Using our Co-Branded Loyalty Cards – Pt’s are able to communicate to healthcare professionals that they already have a HHA in place.. to avoid remarketing

Families will appreciate that agencies partner with WBC families because transition is smoother, communication is better which allows patients to stay in the home instead of moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility..and more

Well Beyond Partnership with Home Health Agencies (WBC Partnership) and
Well Beyond Care’s Continuum of Care

Employee Satisfaction and Utilization

Better utilization of skilled nursing and rehab teams – communicate missed visits, transfers, significant changes and even to communication hosp and ER visits as well as DEATHS with our Health Service Alert System

WBC can offer hours of care to underutilized caregivers so they can remain on (HHA) staff

WBC will..

Demonstrate Compliant Management and Evaluation strategies and assist/teach documentation for successful reimbursement (CMS CoP’s) 485 Management & Evaluation of Patient Care Plan

Assist HHA’s with HH-CAHP and Outcome Strategies for agency’s financial benefit

Support HHA’s (C/G) staffing needs – We’re only interested in Private Pay seekers