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Nurse Questions


Our whole charter is to empower caregivers and those needing care (Careseekers). Our mission is in providing a solution to a growing need for quality in-home care at a reduced cost, creating better paying jobs across the country and fostering independence in the caregiving community. For caregivers, we will give them the tools and means on how to “go into business” for themselves and help with connecting with clients, training, certification, and finding resources like legal and tax advice while maintaining all the “back office” details of their business. For those needing care or looking for care for others, we offer the easiest platform ever to find the “RIGHT” person for their particular needs while saving great amount money in the process. Search, matching, hiring, scheduling, and payment will be a snap and their will be no high agency fees while achieving a rightness of fit with their caregivers.

So, what does this have to do with you, the nurse? We know this is an opportunity for you to change your life in a significant way. This is a chance for you to make a business for yourself and enjoy the profits of your knowledge and hard work over the years.  This is not for everyone, and we know you will have questions as to what is involved which are listed below (just click the topic to expand the text below it.  Click to close as well).

The whole motivation behind Well Beyond Care is to help people looking for care get better care, have caregivers make a living wage, save families some money, and have a network of nurses getting the respect and earning the money they deserve.  We live by the motto, “Give Love Always.” We believe if everyone wins, then we all win.

First and foremost, this is not a job. This is an opportunity for you to generate $80,000 to $150,000 per year that can NEVER be taken away from you or that you cannot not be fired from. This is a chance for you to make a business for yourself and enjoy the profits of your knowledge and hard work over the years. This is not for everyone, but we have found that by having an initiation fee, we are able to divide out those who are serious about growing their potential from those just looking for a job. We created a mechanism that allows Home Health Nurses to get paid passively for doing what they do already: make referrals, help people with problems, and solve problems for old peeps and their families. For what it is worth, only 1 in 20 nurses even get an invitation to join. The fee is not for training, but for the business cards, brochures, and collateral materials we purchase for you after the training, as well for the background check and credential verification, when you become a Nurse Care-Pair Manager.

Yes, if after reviewing the first 6 videos of the Nurse Care-Pair Manager training, you decide you do not want to be a NCPM, we will refund 100% of the $250. If, after running a background check and we have not yet ordered your business cards and marketing supplies, you will receive $150 out of the $250 payment.  If we have orders you business cards and have forwarded your supplies, there is no refund.

There are actually two components of the Nurse Care-Pair Manager training. The first part goes the mission and origins of the company, definitions and terminology, your roles and responsibilities, company structure and how we operate, how much time you will need to invest, how much money you can make, overview for the careseeker site, and the NCPM online system. Once you have completed that training, you then decide if you want to join Well Beyond Care as a Nurse Care-Pair Manager or request your $250 back. If you decide to join, you will then have access to all our other training videos, marketing tools, and weekly training with our Chief Nursing Officer.

Grow your census (see census below). And to do that, you just need to keep referring people to the site. On average, 40% to 60% of the people you refer to the site will eventually connect and hire a caregiver using our system. So, all you need to do is keep telling people if they or their loved one need care, to create a free account.

You make $0.90 per for every hour worked in your census, or stated another way, every hour one of your care-pairs is delivering service, is 90 cents to you! So, if you have a census of 1,000 hours, you make $900 per week; 3,000 hours is $2,700 per week or $140,000 per year.

The company makes a direct deposit via ACH into your banking account. You will need to verify your checking account as part of becoming and NCPM and creating your online Well Beyond Care profile.

You actually work for yourself. A Nurse Care Pair Manager (NCPM) is first and foremost a contractor position. That means you are under NO obligation to Well Beyond Care (WBC) to perform any task you do not want to do. You are essentially free to make as little or as much income as you wish using the Well Beyond Care system. You can decide when, where and how much you want to work, but there tends to be a direct correlation to the amount of effort you put into marketing yourself and how much money you make.

You essentially report to no one. This is an independent contractor position, but you will have other nurses their to help you in your network and at the corporation including the lead nurse for your metropolitan area.

Careseekers who have hired a Caregiver make up your census and each one of these pairings is called a Care-Pair. Your personal census is the total hours of all the Care-Pair hours of all the Careseekers you manage directly. The total of all the Careseekers with Care-pairs under your administration is call your personal census. As an example, if you have 3 Careseeker with 30, 27, and 40 Care-Pair hours, your census would be 97 hours.

You should be marketing to Home Health and Hospice Nurses, Social Workers, Case Managers and Geriatric Care Manager. These might be your recent or past peers, your long-term friends or someone that you know is tasked to find care for seniors or others with physical or mental impairment; post hospital, during and post home health and in-between. You can also market to the Home Health Agencies, Elder Law Attorneys, Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Not-for-Profit Hospitals.

To get your first 10 Care-Pairs, you will need to have 30 to 40 Careseekers in you network. Using an average of 30 hours of care per week, that would equate to a census of 300 hours and a payout of $270 per week in income or $14,040 annually. This would involve a 1- to 5-month effort that involves about 4 hours per week of time commitment in careseeker marketing, referral and management or about 30 to 45 minutes per day.

If you chose join Well Beyond Care as a NCPM, you would be expected to act as the liaison to families locally or at a distance, assisting family members and Careseekers with site navigation, on-site safety protocols, tips and suggestions during their hiring and maintaining Caregivers, connecting Careseekers to their healthcare communities, identifying community resources (such as VPA, DME, Pharmacy, Skilled HH, Hospice), facilitating the WBC “Patient Loyalty” and WBC “Healthcare Notification System” and other services directly and ONLY related to WBC site.


In essence, your primary NCPM duties would include: Identifying and connecting family members, Assisting Families with Site, Outlining On-site Safety Protocols, Connecting Careseekers & Members to their Healthcare Community, Developing & Maintaining Strong Relationships (Networking, Face-to-face, Phone Calls, On-line Leads), and Managing your contacts.