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Competition:, & Private Duty
Care.Com – Now this is how they started..

Senior Care – Matching algorithm,  Household payroll, Nanny Taxes, HR Help.  Pricing as of  2/14/18   $210 per quarter + 100 one time set up fee + $100 year end.
senior home care referral services – They had 6 case managers who talked with families looking for senior care – case manager assessing the senior’s needs via phone – then they gave the referral to the local home care agency. If the senior did not sign on w/ agency – then there is no charge – if the home care agency provided 20 hours of care, then there is a one-time charge of $500 from – if less than 20 hours – there is no referral fee.

CareLinx – 2 plans

Plan 1 – Unlimited Membership $99.95 (annual) – Post jobs, View Caregivers, Search Profiles, Communicate with caregivers, Manage and Pay Caregivers – Pay c/g plus 10% transaction fee). View invoices, view daily task updates, pay with credit or debit card, CG’s are 1099 contractors of CareLinx.
Plan 2 – Unlimited Membership + care planner – Care Planners will assess care needs, help you hire the best caregiver, give you a personal glimpse of each caregiver, directly connect with caregivers to manage their care online.

Well Beyond Care– We know, at Well Beyond Care, that we will live longer lives than our ancestors and a solution is needed. By finding the Right Fit at the Right Price with the Right Guidance and Support, we will reduce hospital stays, emergency room visits as well as STRESS. NURSES – CS’s determine pay. Pay >$12/H +$3/H + $5 weekly invoice fee + $75 per criminal background check.

Traditional Agencies – Increased fees, turnover, poor cg pay, 20H/week minimums…
Resourcing – What are your needs? Craigslist and Patient Loyalty

AARP: Honor & CareLinx
AARP’s mission is “To empower people to choose how they live as they age.” In that vein, Well Beyond Care is perfectly aligned by “Empowering Caregiving.” Our mission is to go well beyond care and caregiving by empowering those who both give care and those looking for care with more advice, choices, services and capabilities when deciding on care and how it is delivered and received. We understand that AARP is backing Honor and CareLinx as options for seniors and their families who might need care in the home, and we want to show how Well Beyond Care is different, and goes way beyond what these two entities offer because seniors need help and families are exhausted when it comes to caring for them in the home.

First, Well Beyond Care was created as an affordable alternative option to private duty care agencies, while at the same time trying to reduce the horrendous problems of truancy and turnover faced in the private pay / private duty marketplace. Honor, to their credit, tried to combat these issues with better training and slightly better pay, but in doing so, had to raise their costs to the consumer. In essence, Honor has not moved the needle on reducing costs, truancy, or turnover.

We understand seniors are a vulnerable group, and Well Beyond Care has taken great pains to insure their safety. We also understand that it is a messy business taking care of people, and that is why when you call Well Beyond Care for help, a nurse, we call them Nurse Care-Pair Managers, is there to help you not an answering machine. Our nurses, all RNs, have spent their careers caring for the elderly. That is their passion, and ours. With both Honor and CareLinx, you still cannot talk to a human when you call, and when you do reach someone it is not a caring healthcare nurse that understands this vulnerable population.

 Carelinx is more of an online job posting board. In fact, CareLinx actually copied our initial foray into this caregiving space, Help Find Care. We abandoned that model primarily because it was shown not to substantially improve care in the home nor help prevent emergent events nor reduce hospital readmissions. The model was mostly a job posting board, with no matching or care management abilities. We felt it better to start over than to tweak a system we knew would not work in the long run. As you might know, CareLinx was recently purchased by a European company (Generali Global Assistance) due in a large part for the need for more capital to expand a model that we know will have difficulties sustaining itself.

While CareLinx is focused on getting as many Caregivers as possible into their system (they want to be the Facebook of caregivers), Well Beyond Care instead focuses on the Caregiver, Careseeker, their family and the match between the Caregiver and Careseeker. We looked at the entire health care system decided to a system that provides more vision into the home, where 80% of all care is delivered, but where very little management or communication is offered.

Well Beyond Care has created a system that combines the “high tech” of the internet and software-as-a-service with the “high touch” of nurses. We teach families and individuals how to find and manage affordable non-medical in-home care, while solving the chronic problems of caregiver truancy. This is important because seniors wind up back in the hospital, emergency room or skilled nursing facility due to the fact that their care was not transitioned properly, support and resources were not secured and family and friends went on with their busy lives and were not kept ‘in the loop’ of care.

CareLinx’s main focus is on posting jobs, and advertising for caregivers to reply to those job postings. While this may generate a great deal of traffic on the website, it is not a great way to get a well-matched caregiver for people looking for care. Well Beyond Care’s differences to CareLinx are listed below.

The very first difference that Well Beyond Care offers is that when a Careseeker signs up, they get a Registered Nurse with 5 to 25 years of home health, hospice, and/or geriatric care management to help a family with their heath care needs. This nurse acts as a care navigator to answer questions on using Well Beyond Care and to give information about resources that are important to the families looking for care options to accommodate safety and long-term in home sustainability.

Secondly, Well Beyond Care does not post jobs like CareLinx, but instead matches a Careseeker’s needs with Caregiver’s abilities, including cultural needs like primary language, dietary needs, likes, hobbies, age, and being a veteran. This allows for superior caregiver curation, matching and management, while at the same time virtually eliminates the two chronic problems of private duty care and job posting, caregiver truancy and turnover. This is done by ensuring a “rightness of fit” between the Caregiver and Careseeker from the start. In addition, Caregivers on our site make $4 to $10 more per hour, while at the same time, Careseekers save between $10,000 and $30,000 in costs in comparison to traditional private duty agencies. The bottom line is that Caregivers show up, are happy to work, and Careseekers get better, more reliable, dependable care.

One of Well Beyond Care’s core competencies is the ability to match Careseeker needs with the abilities of available Caregivers. As such, Well Beyond Care can match veterans who are looking for care with veterans who want to offer care. In addition, Careseekers can be matched with CNAs, LVNs, OT/PTs and even phlebotomists. Something that CareLinx cannot do.

Again, the main difference between Well Beyond Care and CareLinx is on our care management and coordination. We are focused on care coordination, care transition or care management, where CareLinx is focused on job postings and membership fees. What this means is that Well Beyond Care looks at the whole system: from hospital, to home health, to care in the home, and devised a program that not only reduces readmissions, post discharge, but also takes steps to reduce emergent events that lead to needless emergency room visits and hospital admission.

Another differentiator over CareLinx is that Well Beyond Care generates an online care plan that outlines that tasks a caregiver needs to perform on a daily basis, hour by hour. This online care plan is used to simplify the reimbursement process of both Long-Term Health Care Insurance and Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits reimbursement. Seniors have been paying into Long Term Health Care Insurance for most of their lives, but now find it is difficult to get reimburse due in part to the necessary paperwork and procedures needed to get approved. Our unique online process makes it simple to get this reimbursement, thus saving families thousands of dollars in care costs. Something CareLinx does not facilitate.

 In addition, veterans who have given their lives in service to our country, usually do not even know about the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefit, and if they do, have also found it hard to get reimbursement due to paperwork. One of the benefits of having a Nurse Care-Pair Manager is in informing vets about this justly deserved benefit.

One of the biggest problems caring for seniors in the home is the lack of communications between caregivers, health care providers, and family members. Well Beyond Care has created the industry’s only HIPAA compliant system that not only can keep family involved and informed, but also alert health care service professions, such as doctors and cardiologist, in the event of an extreme change in condition of their patient (i.e. weight gain, high or low temperature, urinary pain, confusions, etc.). CareLinx has no offering for this service.

 Well Beyond Care’s unique Care Circle allows up to 10 family members or friends to be connected to individual receiving care, so they can also see what care is being delivered. In addition, Well Beyond Care offers an internal notification system to allow instantaneous communications between the caregiver, nurse navigator, and family members. Well Beyond Care is also the only company to offer an external notification that is instigated by the caregiver to alert health care service professionals indicated by the family in the instance of an extreme change in health status. Again, this is where “high tech” meets “high touch” in preventing needless hospital and emergency room visits. This alert will allow clinicians to intercede prior to a condition escalating into an emergency in most cases, something CareLinx cannot do.

 Finally, Well Beyond Care works with Home Health Agencies and Hospitals to prevent readmissions are reduce admissions in general. This is done both on the local level with our Nurse Care Pair Managers, and on the corporate level with partnership with hospital systems and home health agencies on a nationwide basis. Again, CareLinx has no capability or capacity for this service.

Honor & HomeTeam Comparision
 Two companies, Honor (, focused in Los Angeles area) and HomeTeam (, focused in New York City area) have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to try and revamp the inherently inefficient private duty agency model using internet technology. While the goal is laudable (better training of caregivers, slightly higher wages), both of these companies are still facing the same problems that traditional private duty agencies face in that it is hard to scale due in part to the need of a great deal of office personnel. In addition, due in part to low wages, not having a large pool of caregivers to pool from in any local area, and not being able to choose your caregiver or care recipient, there is still high turnover, and truancy still is rampant within these two endeavors.

Seniors do not like it when their caregiver is replaced, or when a new caregiver shows up that they do not know. In fact, the #1 complaint people have using a private duty agency is that they keep sending a different caregiver every other week. Again, since Well Beyond Care looked at making a match and finding a “rightness of fit” from the very beginning, we have essentially eliminated both truancy and turnover.

Since Well Beyond Care was founded by a nurse, and is essentially run by nurses, we realize the importance of having a qualified caregiver administer care to a senior as they age and their care needs become more complicated. As such, Well Beyond Care caregivers can now be trained by Home Health Agencies as new care needs arise to perform these new tasks. This is something having an experienced nurse as health navigators help implement. No other company in the US looks into the home for care needs in the private duty other than Well Beyond Care. Our communications and notification system is unique in the industry, and none have combined the high-tech tools available with the high touch of nurses like Well Beyond Care.

These companies also have not sufficiently moved the cost/ benefit equation significantly as we have with Well Beyond Care. They still have the huge overhead of running a private duty agency, even when using internet tools, and have not reduced the cost of private duty care.

Primarily, Well Beyond Care helps families in six ways over what private duty agencies, such as Honor and HomeTeam offer. First, Well Beyond Care can save a family between $10,000 and $30,000 a year ($200 to $600 per week) over using a private duty agency. There is no minimum charge nor minimum work hours per week. Families are not forced to pay for a minimum of 20 hours of care per week at $25 per hour, when they need only a few hours per week.

Secondly, the two biggest issues with private duty care are caregiver no-shows (truancy) and turnover (different caregivers being sent from day to day or week to week). Since Well Beyond Care is more than just a matching company, our Nurse navigators take the time to help families find the perfect caregiver that is reliable, dependable, qualified and consistent; and teach Careseekers (and their love ones) how to manage their own care affordably. Essentially, Well Beyond Care eliminates truancy and turnover with caregivers.

Third, Well Beyond Care’s proprietary notifications tools can involve ALL family members in the management and notifications of your or the care of a loved one no matter where they are located. In addition, this system also allows healthcare service provides (such as primary care physician, pharmacist, cardiologist, etc.) to be informed in the case of an emergent event or during transitions between medical facilities and the home.

Fourth, and maybe the most important, when clients create an account and hire a caregiver, they get a Registered Nurse to help assist with the process of using the site in finding and hiring the ideal caregiver as well as give Careseekers advice to healthcare resources in their area.

Fifth, since client’s caregiver are their employee, the Caregiver can be trained to do tasks (such a medication management, changing dressings, giving supplements, cleaning catheters, etc.) any family member can do that is under the supervision of a home health nurse. By State law, private duty caregivers are forbidden to do such tasks.

Finally, it is all about reducing stress not only for the person receiving care but all the family members involved deciding on what care should be given: from the hiring, interviewing, scheduling, payroll, messaging, screening and managing of caregivers, to taking care of all the little “back office details” that hiring your own employee involves.

Well Beyond Care offers a way to change this paradigm. Seniors are living through their 90’s and even older and continue to strive to live in their homes with and without family support. Our Nurse Care-Pair Managers are experienced in Home Health, Hospice or Case Management. They are well equipped to provide resources and local healthcare connections in an effort to keep seniors (and kids, too) in their homes as long as possible, with a caregiver OF THEIR CHOICE, hopefully; forever. And, that is the goal. Let’s work together to accomplish this.