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CS Onboarding

Below is the letter that every Careseeker receives upon creation of their profile. There are three items that you should take note. In the letter there are links to an infographic describing how to create an account, a step-by-step help guide on how to hire a caregiver, a video on how to create an account, and an explanation on why we require a credit card when contacting a caregiver. Please make sure you review each of these items so you can reference them when helping your Careseekers create their account and hire a Caregiver.

I am here to help you…

Greetings {firstName},

Hello, I am Lauren Tarrant, RN, Well Beyond Care’s Chief Nursing Officer, and wanted to let you know that I am here to help you and your family during this frustrating and sometimes difficult time of finding a Caregiver. My job is to make this as easy and stress free as possible for you.I understand that this is a new situation for you, so I have made some helpful aids on how to get started with creating your profile, selecting and connecting with Caregivers, interviewing, and finally hiring a Caregiver. We have formulated a simple infographic to help you understand the process flow (click HERE to view).

The profile for {CareSeekerName} will need to be completed so our system can match {CSFirstName} with the best qualified and most compatible Caregivers in the {city} area. This includes entering the times of the week {CSFirstName} needs care and how much you want to pay for care. A video was generated outlining the process of creating a Careseeker account which you can view HERE. In addition, click this Step-by-Step Help Guide that walks you through the caregiver hiring process if you happen to get stuck.

There is no charge to create an account. Charges are only made after care is given and YOU have approved the time cards. Still, in order to view Caregiver profiles and connect with them, you will need to enter a valid credit card into the system. We have a very detailed explanation of why we require your credit card on file HERE.

Primarily it is to protect all parties involved.I will be assigning another Nurse to help you in the future, but if you get stuck or need help please contact me. I am here for you! If you need immediate attention, please call me at (512) 809-4057.

Lauren Tarrant, RN
Well Beyond Care
(512) 809-4057