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Website Problems

This troubleshooting guide outlines a set of steps to verify that the Well Beyond Care system has a defect and what to document so that the defect can be reproduced and fixed. 

Questions for the user 

What kind of issue is the user having?  

  • Viewing a page or elements on a page? 
  • Data entry? 
  • Speed to open or view a page? 

What error message is the user seeing (if any)? 

  • Phone number error 
  • Unable to create account
  • Other 

What kind of device are they on? PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet, iPhone, Android phone 

  • Ask the user to try a PC if possible; if on a Mac, as the user to download Chrome on the Mac and not use Safari 

What browser are they using? 

  • Ask the user to download and use Chrome 

Do they have pop-up turned off? 

  • Ask the user to turn on pop-up, which are required for the use of the site 

Do they have any kind of security configured on their browser? 

  • Find out more about if there are security constraints on the browser; remove them for testing purposes if possible. 

Are they seeing fields auto filled incorrectly? (which Chrome does) 

  • Ask the user to go back and update the entered fields 

Has the user successfully logged into the site with an account in the past? 

Has the user successfully used other parts of the site in the past? 

Is the user getting an error message or server error (yellow display) page? 

Further investigation 

When you impersonate the user, can you see the problem? 

When you get on UberConference with the user, can you see the problem? 

Can you reproduce the issue with another user on the QA server? 

Information to gather in order to reproduce the problem 

Please document the following: 

  1. User name, user type (Careseeker, Caregiver, Care Circle member, NCPM, Admin),  city and state, timezone of the Careseeker Admin and the Caregiver 
  2. Web page where the issue happens or displays on (copy the URL) 
  3. Take note if all of the action buttons on the page display for the user 
  4. Steps to reproduce the problem, starting from logging into the site 
  5. Take a screen shot of what the user is seeing if possible (or a video), especially if an error message is displayed 
  6. Time of day the issue is experienced 
  7. Severity of the issue (does it change or delete important data? Does it affect billing or pay stub payments?)